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Channing Tatum is Bigfoot in “Smallfoot” Trailer

A new animated film with all-star cast is headed our way, and this time they’ve all got big feet. In Smallfoot, a group of Yetis all live together, telling stories of the mythical “smallfoot” creature rumored to exist. When a young Yeti named Migo (Tatum) sees a smallfoot (aka human) by chance (voiced by James Corden), he sets out on an adventure to prove to his community that these creatures do exist.

It’s a cute spin on a familiar story, and features the voices of Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, Yara Shahid, Ely Henry and Jimmy Tatro. Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick (Over the Hedge), Smallfoot is slated to hit theaters on September 28, 2018. Watch the trailer below.


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