Sundance Review: Wild Tales


Director:Damián Szifrón

Cast:Ricardo Darín, Julieta Zyberberg, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Running Time:121 Minutes


Argentinian film Wild Tales is a collection of six humorous short films united by their themes of revenge and bad decisions. Each film is full of dark violent humor that leaves you laughing, even if you're a little ashamed as to why you're laughing.

Wild Tales takes banal experiences like plane rides, road rage, parking tickets, and weddings and turns them up to eleven. Each protagonist, when faced with a decision, ends up making the rash, emotion-fueled choice that often leads to a downward spiral of outlandish behavior and violence. Shot and directed beautifully, Wild Tales is an easy watch full of great performances. My personal favorite of the six was the last one, which centered on a wedding. I would have to say that it now proudly sits in my top three favorite wedding scenes for sheer entertainment value.

As you watch these situations unfold into crazier and more outrageous scenarios, you will be taken aback and amused. Even as things often escalate into violence, you can't help but laugh at the absurdity. It is dark comedy at its finest and every bit deserving of its recent Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film.


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