SXSW Review: Nocturn


Director:Leanne Welham

Cast:Tamzin Malleson, Jennie Jacques, Gregg Chillin

Running Time:16.00


At SXSW 2011, I wanted to try my hand at reviewing short films. I was lucky enough to have Nocturn as my introduction into how someone should make a short. This is not only a great story but also very entertaining and interesting to watch.

The movie synopsis is quite simple. Unable to sleep one night, Jody goes to the local 24-hour garage and meets a young couple who will turn her night, and her life, upside down. Director Leanne Welham does a truly remarkable job with her film. The acting is strong, the story is great, and the camera work is impeccable.

What makes this short film easy to watch is its intriguing simplicity. Further, the film's music is used in such a way that it actually enhances the story and aids in building the main character, Jody. 

Overall, Welham creates a short that could easily be morphed into a feature. The story is so good that anyone who watches this film will surely not forget it. If you are a fan of shorts, then I'm sure you will really enjoy watching Nocturn.



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