Sundance Review: Crazy Beats Strong Every Time


Director:Moon Molson

Cast:Dante E. Clark, E.J. Bonilla, Shawn Andrew, Anthony Gaskins

Running Time:26 Minutes


Beats Strong Every Time is only the second short film from director Moon
Molson, but I assure you - this guy has quite a future ahead of him.  The film chronicles a night in the shoes
of Markees, a young man who, after stumbling upon his alcoholic stepfather
passed out in their apartment building, entertains the notion of killing him.  From the opening frame, Crazy sets
itself apart.  The script is fiery
and well written with just the right touch of humor to ease what is already an
intense picture.  The gorgeous
black and white is eye-catching and is supported by masterful editing and some
of the best transitions I've seen in a short film work.  The language, humor, lighting, and characters"¦  all combine to form a truly remarkable
piece, one that feels completely realized.  Judging by the couple shorts I've seen so far at Sundance,
this is the film to beat, the best of the best.



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