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Live Action “Warcraft” Gets Second Trailer

Legendary Pictures has released the second trailer to the highly anticipated adaptation for their multiplayer online role-playing game, WARCRAFT.

The Blizzard Entertainment feature will pit good versus evil in the Peaceful realm of Azeroth, as two heroes, one human and one orc, join forces against those who would see that they were unseated, or worse, dead.

While possibly being in the minority here, the movie actually looks good with a great cast including Paula Patton, Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper. The movie was wrapped back in 2014, but the post-production has taken almost two years to complete.

World of Warcraft is a billion dollar brand and Blizzard Entertainment has gone to great lengths to ensure that the movie will be a success. They turned down “movie-killer” Uwe Boll, opting instead for director Duncan Jones, best known for his films Moon and Source Code.

Warcraft invades theaters on June 10.


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