Baskin Trailer Release

IFC Midnight’s “Baskin” Gets a Trailer

While Halloween isn’t here for another 8 months, IFC Midnight is starting things a bit early with the Turkish horror film Baskin.

The first trailer for the film follows a squad of cops who unknowingly enter hell through a trapdoor. While the exact premise seems a bit bare, the trailer showcases a few scenes where cops slowly descend into madness that are downright chilling.

Now that the official trailer for the Can Evrenol directed film has been released, expectation is bound to be high as the film works to live up to the horrifying tease. Here is hoping that they didn’t use the best snippets for the trailer.

Starring Muharrem Bayrak, Gorkem Kasal, and Fatih Doköz, Baskin is set to invade theaters and VOD on March 25th




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