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Céline Dion – No, Really – Sings “Deadpool 2” Theme Song in New Video

The marketing for Deadpool 2 has thrown curveball after curveball, from its parody of The Joy of Painting, to a trailer that was mostly action figures in obscene poses, whoever's working on this at Fox has had a great time. Well, they've got one last tidbit before the movie opens, and it's the most unexpected thing they've done yet: a full-on music video for the theme song, performed by Céline Dion.

Yes, the Grammy winner and powerhouse vocalist agreed to do this a very serious ballad for this very silly movie. "Ashes," written by The Voice winner Jordan Smith and Christian songwriters Petey Martin and Tedd T, and produced by über-producer Steve Mac, it sounds exactly like the kind of cheesy track that would have accompanied any number of summer blockbusters in the late '80s or early '90s.

The video, which can be viewed here, features Dion and a string quintet performing the song in an empty theater, while Deadpool performs an interpretive dance that doesn't jibe with the tone of the song at all. Have a look for yourself, and then you can buy tickets for Deadpool 2, which hits theaters May 18.

The soundtrack, which also hits retailers and streaming services the same day, includes "Ashes," as well as '80s classics like Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," a-ha's "Take on Me," and Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time."


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