47 Meters Down The Next Chapter Teaser

The Waters Are Dangerous in “47 Meters Down” Sequel Teaser

Last summer the country was taken by storm when Mandy Moore and Claire Holt found themselves fighting against one of nature’s most deadly predators in the surprise summer indie hit 47 Meters Down. 

Grossing almost $45 million stateside, the film was one of the biggest success stories of the year in regard to independent cinema.  While a sequel was never in doubt (it is a horror film after all), Entertainment Studios has just confirmed, by way of a teaser trailer, that 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter will invade theaters June 2019.

Johannes Roberts, who already has one sequel under his belt thanks to this year's The Strangers: Prey at Night, is returning to the director's chair for this follow-up.  Though no official word has been made, I wouldn't expect either Moore or Holt to find there way back into the deep water.

The teaser, which reveals nothing and offers up snippets from the original film, serves its purpose as we watch a shark reign terror down on our lead protagonists.  While no official plot details have been released for The Next Chapter, the teaser will likely succeed in giving us all the chills as many venture out into the water one last time before heading home for the start of another school year.

It's should come as no surprise that this trailer is being dropped on the same night as The Meg, the Jason Statham shark centric picture, hits theaters.  Smart marketing if I do say so myself.


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