Phoenix Forgotten Trailer Release

Trailer for “Phoenix Forgotten” Offers Take on Famous UFO Sighting

Cinelou Films’ new sci-fi film Phoenix Forgotten works to tell a fictitious story revolving around the real-life UFO sighting nicknamed the “Phoenix Lights” that appeared over Arizona on March 13, 1997.

The film centers around three teenagers as they take off into the desert to investigate the unusual sighting and uncover some other spooky alien horrors (it always sounds cool until you are face to face with the unknown).  The film is presented in the found footage format, attempting to capitalize on the budget-friendly genre.  Think The Blair Witch Project with aliens and an actual “based on a true story” tagline that offers slight (and I do mean slight) merit.

The true story in question took place in 1997 when literally hundreds of people witnessed a series of lights that are thought to be a spacecraft that was hovering over Phoenix.  Though the events have never been fully explained, this film opts to take full advantage, billing itself as “recently found footage” and giving fans a theory to run with.

Phoenix Forgotten hits theaters on April 21.  Enjoy the trailer.


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