Scandalous Trailer

Sensation Sells in “Scandalous” Trailer

Known around the country as that paper with the outrageous headlines positioned perfectly at the grocery store checkout line, the National Enquirer is renowned for its stories full of sex, gossip and half-truths. Now, a new documentary by Mark Landsman is here to reveal the secrets behind the shameless periodical.

The documentary reveals what was going on behind the scenes of those shocking headlines through archival footage and wide-ranging interviews, with interviewees not shy about revealing their less-than-legal methods for getting the story. It seems to focus on the tabloid’s heyday in the 1990s, covering everything from Monica Lewinsky and the O.J. Simpson murder trial to Princess Diana and Oprah.

With a narrative that seems to skew as wild as its subject, Scandalous appears poised to reveal not only the unsavory parts of a notorious tabloid, but its captivated audience as well. See the trailer below and catch the film in theaters on November 15.


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