Deadpool 2 Teaser Trailer Debuts

Ryan Reynolds Takes a Jab at Superman in First “Deadpool 2” Trailer

Oh pidernap! Cue Juice Newton and get your red suit on cause Deadpool is back!

Before audiences were regaled by the wonder that is Logan (which is phenomenal itself), we got a cool clip of Ryan Reynolds as the titular hero Deadpool, trying to save a man being mugged. Of course things go sideways, but just the three minutes we get are enough of a holdover for the hunger pains we have for Deadpool 2.

We do get a few cool Easter eggs in the debut trailer, one of which possibly hints at who might be in the highly anticipated sequel. No Marvel/X-Men movie would be complete without a Stan Lee cameo; HOWEVER, it does seem that those in California and Texas actually got different versions of the clip. Here in Texas (and possibly outlets) we didn’t get the Stan Lee Cameo or the extended ending – though most every version online includes both.

That being said, while Wade Wilson was changing into his Deadpool outfit to the Superman theme song, we see “Nathan Summers Cumming Soon” who, for those who don’t know, is the real name of Cable, who will be in the sequel. While there have been MANY rumors of who is actually going to be playing the time-jumping hero, no official word has been released. But there might have been a possible hint in this teaser.

As Deadpool is running towards the action there are posters of the cult classic Firefly on the back brickwall leading some to ponder if someone on the poster has been cast. Of course all speculation leads to Nathan Fillion.

All this being said, the clip is hilarious! At the end, we get a “Deadpool Coming Soon… But Not Soon Enough” and boy they are not lying. Deadpool 2 cannot get here fast enough. Even though Tim Miller isn’t returning as director, we do have John Wick director David Leitch taking the helm, and with this teaser trailer it is obvious that we are still in good hands.

Deadpool 2 is slated for a March 2, 2018 release, so make sure you have on your brown pants.


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