Pitch Perfect 3

Bellas Say Bye Bye in New “Pitch Perfect 3” Trailer

Looks like the post-graduate depression has sunk in for our Barden Bellas. No longer in college and faced with the real world, the Bellas are feeling nostalgic for simpler times singing a cappella songs with their friends. Thankfully, a convenient international competition comes along that gives them just such an opportunity. And just like that, the old band is back together!

Yes, the plot line of Pitch Perfect 3 is an incredibly thin ruse to justify a third film, but who could complain about more Beca (Anna Kendrick), Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), and Aubrey (Anna Camp) in their lives? This time around, the Bellas face off with bands that use their voices AND instruments (GASP!). Ruby Rose plays one such rocker while Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are back to offer their quirky commentary.

Full of upbeat a cappella covers and exploding boats, check out the new trailer below and catch Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters on December 22.


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