Papillon Review

“Papillon” Plans His Escape in First Trailer

Historical dramas are never an easy play, especially when it comes to a film based on a true story.  However, having seen Papillon at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I can fully attest to the brilliance that lies within Michael Noer’s tale - even without the proof of its first trailer.

Starring Charlie Hunnam as Henri “Papillon” Charriére, Papillon centers on a safecracker who is framed for murder and sentenced to a life in hell, otherwise known as Devil’s Island.  But what most don’t know about Papillon is he refuses to be held captive, utilizing his many talents (and an unusual partnership with counterfeiter Louis Dega - played by Remi Malek), to work to regain his freedom.  But no escape is easy…nor is it guaranteed.

Filled with drama, suspense, humor and mystery, Papillon is a unique film that captures the essence of its characters and offers up a truly memorable experience.  While the trailer doesn’t do the film justice, I’m honestly not sure anything could fully capture the slow burn thriller effectively.

Papillon hits theaters on August 24.


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