Boss Baby Trailer

New “Boss Baby” Trailer Tags on to “Beast” Hype

Dreamwork’s Animation isn’t wasting any time on capitalizing on the success of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast. Their new film, The Boss Baby, has just premiered a new, in-theater trailer that airs before screenings of the wildly popular Disney film.

The trailer features the boss baby himself (voiced by Alec Baldwin) playing with a copyright-infringement-free candelabra and antique clock before talking directly to the audience and imploring them to see his film in theaters March 31 before launching into a full-blown trailer. The film is a creative look at how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the perspective of the baby’s hyper-imaginative older brother.

The tailored trailer is a shrewd move, one that Mr. Boss Baby, big businessman that he is, would be proud of. By inserting a scene at the beginning that directly addresses Beauty and the Beast audiences, the trailer is sure to stand out from the crowd. The Boss Baby hits theaters on March 31.


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