Cold Pursuit Trailer

Liam Neeson Seeks Revenge…Again in “Cold Pursuit” Trailer

Liam Neeson is back, and he’s still kicking ass!

The action star’s newest film, Hans Petter Moland’s Cold Pursuit, is a loose remake of the director’s tremendous 2014 film Order of Disappearance.  Though there was nothing wrong with the original, one can’t help but get excited to watch Neeson’s Nelson Coxman, a certified ‘Citizen of the Year’ seeks revenge on a drug cartel after his son is murdered by the gang.

The film’s trailer showcases a tightly interwoven story that includes moments of intense violence, wisecracking wit, and typical Neeson factual proclamations as to his abilities to effectively seek and destroy those who have positioned themselves in a way to harm his family.

The backdrop of snow appears to give the film a unique color palette to work with, though fans of Neeson’s previous films won’t need much convincing as this seems to fall in line with the likes of Taken, Run All Night, The Grey, The Commuter…you get the idea.

Cold Pursuit co-stars Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum, Tom Bateman, and Tom Jackson and will hit theaters on February 8.

Cold Pursuit Poster


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