Underwater Trailer

Kristen Stewart Takes On the Sea in First “Underwater” Trailer

A group of underwater researchers, submerged seven miles below the ocean’s surface, is adjusting to a planned month within the confines of their subterranean laboratory. When an earthquake sets off a chain of explosions that ultimately drowns their facility, they must scramble to survive the underwater and unknown inhabitants who have suddenly awakened.

Starring Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel, and John Gallagher Jr., the Willian Eubank directed Underwater has just gotten its first trailer, and boy does it look like a good time.

Though an Alien correlation is hard to ignore, you can’t not appreciate the visual dynamics presented here. Stewart is rocking a bleached buzzcut while Miller appears to be the source of comic relief within the structured confines of their oxygen suits. Though it will be interesting to see how they play off one another, I can already envision an eye roll and power struggle between the two.

The January 10 release date is a little worrisome, especially for a big-budget action flick, but here’s to hoping it proves a sleeper hit at the box office. Lord knows we need another sci-fi franchise to obsess over.


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