Tall Girl Trailer

Height and Love Consume First Trailer of Netflix’s “Tall Girl”

Netflix has tapped Dance Moms’ Ava Michelle for their next coming-of-age story, and it appears the famed dancer is using her uniqueness to gain a little bit of the spotlight as she stands proudly at the center of Tall Girl.

Tall Girl, much like you would assume, follows Jodi (Michelle), the tallest girl in almost every room, as she navigates the rigors of high school. Always uncomfortable with her height, Jodi has thrown away the idea of love as she does just about anything to make herself look shorter. But when Stig (Luke Eisner), a seemingly perfect foreign exchange student who is even taller than she is, walks into her classroom, all bets are off.

Netflix has just released a trailer for the forthcoming film, and though a bit duunoriginal, the anti-bullying message should resonate with many. It will also be interesting to see if first-time feature director Nzingha Stewart opts to integrate any of Michelle’s known talents with her insecure and off-beat character.

Co-starring Griffin Gluck, Anjelika Washington, Sabrina Carpenter, Steve Zahn, and Angelia Kinsey, Tall Girl is set to hit the streaming platform on September 13.


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