Fireworks Trailer

GKIDS’ “Fireworks” Gets First Trailer

GKIDS has just released the first trailer for the forthcoming Fireworks and we are not disappointed.

Telling a simple story of adolescent love and longing, Akiyuki Shinbo and Nobuyuki Takeuchi’s Firework is traditional in nearly every way…except for that sci-fi twist.  A multi-color ball, found in the sea, has the power to reset the clock and give the holder a second chance to right the wrong and steal the kiss.  But with each reset a new complication arises, slowly taking them away from the real world.

The trailer, complete with english subtitles, sets the plot up well, giving viewers a lot to absorb as we watch a love triangle turn into a dying plea to go back and capitalize on missed opportunities.  The innocence and urgency of young lovers sells a universal theme that we can all relate to - just maybe not the alternate universe…in a literal sense at least.

Fireworks will premiere as a special Fathom event on July 3 before hitting theaters a day later.


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