Ghostbox Cowboy Trailer

Dark Comedy “Ghostbox Cowboy” Goes to China in New Trailer

“Texan goes to China” is a pretty solid concept. Ghostbox Cowboy takes that concept and injects it with plenty of dark humor and an eye for the weird. David Zellner plays Texan Jimmy Van Horn, a cowboy huckster eager to get in on China’s tech boom. He arrives in Shenzhen with a couple of bitcoins and a dream. He has the aid of his friend, Bob Grainger (Robert Longstreet), who’s made it big, evidenced by his new teeth, blonde wig and looking younger than ever.

Transposing the Western gold rush onto a new frontier - China’s booming economy, brings plenty of opportunity for comedic moments and contemplation. See the trailer below, see it in select theaters now, and get it on demand and digital on December 11.


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