Breakthrough Trailer

Faith Remains Strong in “Breakthrough” Trailer

Every year there is at least one spiritually powered film that breaks through the onslaught of mainstream blockbusters to provide a powerful punch - Roxann Dawson’s Breakthrough appears to be that film for 2019.

The film’s just-released trailer is pretty straightforward, showcasing several key plot points as we witness a woman, faced with a dramatic experience regarding her son, turn to her only source of peace in a time of absolute crisis.

Breakthrough follows Joyce Smith, a mother whose adopted son John falls through the ice at a Missouri lake and remains underwater for more than fifteen minutes.  With all hope lost, the distraught mother turns to the only thing she knows in a search for answers, hope, and life: faith.  As the tide shifts and Jon works to fight for his life, her faith remains steadfast, even as every expert, scientist, and nonbeliever prepares her for the supposed inevitable.

Adapted from Joyce Smith’s own book, Breaththrough stars Chrissy Metz, Josh Lucas, Topher Grace, Marcel Ruiz, and Dennis Haysbert.  The film, times to its genre, is set for an Easter release.


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