Sundance Review: Where Do We Go Now?


Director:Nadine Labaki

Cast:Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Nadine Labaki

Running Time:100.00


This is a first for me: a comedy/musical about a small town in the Middle East that is so cut off from civilization that their community, split Christian and Muslim down the center, doesn't even know they're expected to be killing one another. The idea is interesting, the execution flawless. In fact, I was awed by the creativity and sheer fun factor of this movie.

As the wives of the community comically struggle to keep their families together, events become more and more surreal. The film feels almost otherworldly, mystical. You've got everything from Russian strippers to a lovely song about "special" treats baked specifically to take the edge off as the community comes together for a meal. It's wildly unique and sometimes utterly heart-wrenching, but altogether Where Do We Go Now? is one of most delightful surprises I've seen in quite a while.

Where Do We Go Now? is competing in the Spotlight Category.


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