Review: The House Bunny


Director:Fred Wolf

Cast:Anna Faris, Emma Stone, Colin Hanks, Kat Dennings, Katherine McPhee, Rumor Willis

Running Time:98.00


Since she broke onto the scene in 2000's Scary Movie, actress Anna Faris has been a hit or miss occurrence at the box office. From her charming role in Waiting to the dreadful Scary Movie 3 & 4, the actress has been unable to put together a string of hits. However, on occasion, Faris puts out some good stuff, and luckily, The House Bunny falls into that category.

From the beginning, I had extremely low expectations for this film. Not only does it revolve around a sorority (Sydney White anyone), but the film stars a load of wannabes. From 'American Idol' runner-up Katherine McPhee to former it-girl Rumor Willis, The House Bunny seems to be desperate for some cheap but noticeable faces. However, not twenty minutes in I found myself laughing out loud at the on-screen actions of Faris and company as I got sucked in and began to truly enjoy the film for what it was, not what it wasn't.

It is a known fact that many comedy films rely on their writers to serve up laughs. However, that was not the case here. I mean, sure the dialogue was funny and the misinterpretations were priceless, but the true work was done by the actors, who were all forced to take a normal situation and make it funny for the cameras "“ something that they each did brilliantly.

For starters, Anna Faris is possibly the best Playhouse Bunny to ever grace the screen. Providing a true perception of innocence and misunderstanding, Faris is able to show off her impeccable comedic timing. However, for once, Faris goes beyond the dialogue and fully adapts her personality. From the picture perfect facial expressions to her ignorance on the happenings of the real world, tomorrow's it-girl of comedy does everything right here.

However, it wasn't just Faris that delivered. By her side was the surprising dup of Emma Stone and Kat Dennings. Plagued to play the Zeta President and the rebel, both girls give startling performances that could easily shoot them to lead status. Now don't get me wrong, neither actor is astonishing by any means; however, each surprised me with their performance. From their radical transformation to their timely interactions, both girls seemed to make it all work and thus allowed the film to carry a nice, peaceful flow.

Now that I have gotten all that out of the way "“ please let me make it clear that this film is by no means a stellar creation. In fact, it is quite generic. From the plot line to the premise, everything is a little goofy and easily foreseeable. However, it is this simple fact that allowed me to truly enjoy this film. The lines were quick and full of innocence and the characters were stereotypical, but most of all, they were fun. No, it was nothing special, but I did enjoy myself for ninety minutes, and for a comedy, that is what matters the most.


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