Sundance Review: Prairie Love


Director:Dusty Bias

Cast:Jeremy Clark, Holly Lynn Ellis, Garth Blomberg

Running Time:80 Minutes


I'm not entirely sure what I
watched. There was only one funny line in this film, and the plot barely
survived its runtime. Prairie
Love was a whole lot of nothing.

The movie is about one man,
deranged and quite unusual, out in the vast landscape of North Dakota. He
somehow finds another man, almost half-dead, and puts him in his car. He learns
that this man was going to pick up a girl he's never met, but knows her only
through letters the two have exchanged. Seeing his chance at love, the man
abandons the other man and picks up the girl himself. And that is basically the
whole story.

I think I understood the message,
at least towards the end. But the message was about nothing, too. I mean
really, this movie seemed like someone wanted to blow some money by creating a
film they alone thought was funny and interesting.

Prairie Love wasn't a complete disaster. There were intriguing
moments and a laughable line. Really, it's that I wasn't a fan of the style and
tone of this film.

I believe that Prairie Love had the right bones. It could have been turned into something complete
by removing the unnecessary oddities that the characters experience.
Nevertheless, the film as it stands is not good. Prairie Love just should
not exist.


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