Review: Little Blue Pill


Director:Aaron Godfred

Cast:Aaron Kuban, Adam Carr, Rosie Tish, Grold Wunstel

Running Time:93.00


Erectile dysfunction jokes are a dime a dozen, especially when it comes to cinema.  So when I heard about Aaron Godfred's Little Blue Pill, a film detailing the misadventures that can happen when a Viagra-like medication is mistaken for Aleve. I wasn't all that curious.  Luckily Godfred is able to rely on the talent of star Aaron Kuban, who single handedly kept my interest with his stellar facial expressions and comedic timing.

The script handles an age-old issue, and it does possess some fun, quirky scenes that more than steal the show.  The best lines are given to the three leading actors, leaving the villains of the film to fend for themselves as they portray overly cliche and stereotyped characters.  

To be honest, the scenes within the testing facility are embarrassing as each of the actors intentionally overacts their way through each generic piece of dialogue.  I get the point that director Aaron Godfred was trying to make, but driving home that point for more than ninety minutes was a bit excessive.

Overall I feel that Little Blue Pill is an adequate debut film from Mr. Godfred.  Made for almost no money, the feature is humorous in just enough ways to be passable.  While I don't see it as a multiple watch, it would make for a fantastic viewing party with friends and a bit of alcohol.

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