Review: Hanna


Director:Joe Wright

Cast:Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana, Olivia Williams

Running Time:111.00


Let me just say that Saoirse Ronan is freaking amazing.  There is really nothing more to say when it comes to Joe Wright's Hanna.  Okay, I guess I can go into a little more detail, but just remember that the success of this film starts and ends with Ronan, and boy does she deliver.

Hanna begins with our title character venturing out on a hunting expedition.  It ends in much the same way (give or take a mammal or two).  The story is rather simple - a young girl, trained by her father to 'adapt or die', is dispatched on a ruthless mission that has her being tracked by a expert intelligence agent and her operatives.  Sounds simple, right?  When put to film, the story is really so much more.

Along her journey Hanna meets and befriends a hippie families' daughter, discovers electricity and music for the first time, ruins a first-kiss moment with a Spanish boy by literally coming on too strong and eventually learns the brutal truth of her identity.  Granted her intelligence lies within the books she reads, not her social skills, yet the final reveal seems a bit too present-day for her to fully understand.

An incredible cast makes Joe Wright's film an entertaining, adrenaline filled experience unlike anything else I've seen this year.  Our three leading actors do a brilliant job in their respective roles, playing off one another as they interact with flawless precision, keeping audience members guessing until the very last minute.

The finale comes a bit too soon as I wasn't ready to let go of Hanna or the incredible adventure she was taking.  I credit much of that to the film's writers who cleverly mix humor, action, drama and violence into one incredible intoxicating story.  I will say that Hanna is not your typical film.  It features a unique style which creates an unusual visual appeal, one that reminds me of films like Resovour Dogs and Kill Bill.  Together everything comes together to craft a film worthy of seeing on the big screen, a fun surprise during the usually dry month of April.


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