SXSW Review: Clear Blue


Director:Lindsay Mackay

Cast:Nancy Linehan Charles, Chris Sheffield, Thia Schuessler

Running Time:20 Minutes


Pale colors, clean sounds, and great acting, the short feature, Clear Blue, really nailed it. In 20
minutes, it gave the audience a rich and stunning story.

Simon is the new lifeguard at an indoor swimming complex. Working
early in the morning he begins to see the same lone, older woman enter the pool
for no more than 5 minutes. Soon he realizes that she is able to stay under
water for a considerable amount of time without coming up for air. Intrigued,
Simon is determined to understand this remarkable skill, yet what he finds not
only shocks him but also pulls him into a temptation that he cannot ignore.

Clear Blue was
beautiful. The colors, as pale as they were, popped on the screen. Matched with
crisp sounds of the pool water, or lifeguard whistle, and the whole viewing experience
is fascinating. This appeal to the senses was only the beginning.

Chris Sheffield and Nancy Linehan Charles interact well together.
He's a young boy and she an older woman, but somehow the script and directing
create this chemistry between them that feels natural.

Blue was a truly awesome short
feature. The filmmakers used all 20 minutes to captivate the audience. What
Simon uncovers and the ending overall worked perfectly. Clear Blue told a story that everyone would enjoy.


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