Eye in the Sky Trailer Debut with Obama

Obama Makes Appearance in New “Eye in the Sky” Trailer

Director Gavin Hood’s latest film, Eye in the Sky, is an intense thriller that shines a spotlight on all the questions military forces face when conducting drone strikes.

Set to President Obama’s speech concerning the seriousness and dangers of drone strikes, the newest trailer for Eye in the Sky, a film that follows Helen Mirren’s Colonel Katherine Powell as she and her team must decide whether or not to drop a bomb on a terror suspect’s house. All is going according to plan until a small child enters the home, forming a question that has no right answer. Do they drop the bomb to take out their suspect, creating collateral damage and possibly more enemies? Or do they risk letting the terror suspect go to save the life of the child?

Costarring Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman and Barkhad Abdi, Eye in the Sky is slated for a March 11th release date.



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