Johnny English Strikes Again

“Johnny English Strikes Again” in New Music Video

Secret Agent Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is headed back to the screen, and this time he’s got Olly Murs and Snoop Dogg on his side. Well, at least musically.

Written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, “Moves”, sung by Olly Murs and featuring Snoop Dogg, is the end credits track on the film, and now it has its own music video. In it, Murs has gone full nerd, sneaking into a club and transforming into the quintessential cool guy by drinking a magical energy drink called “Moves”, served by a bartender that looks suspiciously like a particular secret agent. Sadly, it seems Snoop couldn’t make the production schedule work to fit his schedule. Still, It’s fun, poppy and catchy, all the right notes for a song that follows a classic British comedy.

In Johnny English Strikes Again, a cyber attack reveals the identity of all undercover agents in Britain, and English is called out of retirement. It’s Johnny vs modern technology in a showdown that sees him trying to save countless agents everywhere.

Watch the music video below and see Johnny English Strikes Again in theaters on October 26, 2018.


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