Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer

Gilmore Girls Revival Gets Trailer

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, that can mean only one thing. No, not turkey! GILMORE GIRLS! Slated to hit Netflix on November 25, we now have our first real trailer for the four-part revival series.

With each part running 90 minutes and based on a particular season (“Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Fall”), the return of the Gilmores has been hotly anticipated for months now. Fans can breathe easy as the trailer is full of our favorite fast-talking mother-daughter pair who seem to pick up their witty banter where they left off. However, our three generations of Gilmores all seem a little lost. Lorelei (Lauren Graham) is unsure about her relationship with Luke (Scott Patterson), Rory (Alexis Bledel) is unhappy with her continent-hopping lifestyle and Emily (Kelly Bishop) is just trying to figure out life without her husband (the late Edward Herrmann).

We get glimpses of plenty of familiar faces. Dean, Jess and Logan all make appearances as do Sookie (Melissa McCarthy), Michel, Paris, Lane, and, of course, Kurt. Looks like the Stars Hollow gang is all here and November 25 can’t come soon enough!


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