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DC Expands Animated Franchise With Help From “Fatal Five”

The DC universe is growing even larger as DC and Warner Bros. Animation have teamed together once again to create Justice League vs. The Fatal Five.

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The film, which marks the latest entry in this hugely popular series of feature-length animated films, finds the Justice League facing off against a potent new threat - the Fatal Five.  With a sinister plan on the horizon, a trio of villains is frantically searching for Jessica Cruz, a member of the Green Lantern Corp. whom they need to free the remaining two members of their fearing team.  But an ally from another time could be the key in a Justice League victory - with Earth’s future hanging in the balance, an epic battle of good vs. evil will decide its fate.

Elyes Gabel and Diane Guerrero join franchise regular voice castmates Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, and George Nerbern.  The film, which will be available on digital platforms beginning March 30, will make its debut (complete with exclusive bonus content) on 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD on April 16.


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