“Bumblebee” Goes Back to Basics in Featurette

The new Transformers film, Bumblebee, isn’t just literally going back in time to the late 1980s, its designs are going back in time as well.

In a recently released featurette, director Travis Knight and the team behind Bumblebee explain why they went back to the beginning for the Generation 1 designs featured in the film. The move makes sense, as the original toy line and animated series began in the mid 80s. As a fan of the original toys and animated series, Knight was eager to honor that history.

Bumblebee focuses on the star of the original Transformers live action film series, a bright yellow Autobot (good guy). In the earlier films, his alternative vehicle was a yellow Camaro with black racing stripes, but in getting back to Generation 1, his alternative form in this film is a Volkswagen Beetle. The year is 1987, and Bumblebee finds himself in a California beach town junkyard, where he’s discovered by Charlie (Hailee Seinfeld).

Check out the featurette below for more details, and look forward to a return of the classic Transformer look when Bumblebee hits theaters on December 21.


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