47 Meters Down DVD

“47 Meters Down” Arrives on DVD and Digital This September

Maybe you find the sea a little scary, like most people. Maybe Shark Week is about as close as you’re willing to get to sharks. And maybe you missed when 47 Meters Down was in theaters because the deep, dark ocean filled with hellish and teethy sharks scares the crud out of you. Or maybe you saw 47 Meters Down in theaters and wanted to watch it in your own home. Either way, you win!

47 Meters Down is about sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) going on a friendly diving expedition that quickly turns into a high stakes thriller when their shark observation cage malfunctions and strands them in a cage, on the ocean floor, surrounded by sharks, and running out of oxygen. You know, your basic vacation nightmare.

Find out what happens to Lisa and Kate and those oh-so-friendly sharks when 47 Meters Down arrives in digital stores on September 12 and DVD/Blu-ray on September 26.


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