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'Silent House' Creates Chilling New Facebook App


Silent House is a unique and horrifying film that effectively captures the panic and fear that can come from being secluded to a particular location for too long.  Presented in real time, and shot in a single 85 minute take, the film tells of the harrowing journey of our lead protagonist, Sarah, as she finds herself sealed within the summer house that she once called home.  With no contact with the outside world Sarah begins to panic, especially after events lead her to believe that a mysterious man is lurking in the shadows.

Directed by the creators of Open Water and featuring a stellar performance by Elizabeth Olsen, the film will create a tingle in your spine and questioning just how you'd react if put in the same position.

While they can't legally seal you within a vandalized summer house, Open Road has created an opportunity for you to share your deepest and darkest secrets with the world (anonymously of course) through the chilling Facebook app 'We All Have Secrets'.  For a limited time, after downloading the app,  you can post your secrets for all the world to see.  But not to worry, you'll get to read what skeletons other people are hiding in their closet.

So head on over and get to sharing: